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Swagelok Manchester

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Regulator Team

Under pressure with regulators 

Pressure control is carried out with a pressure regulator, however a quick look at the market place shows that for the same control pressures, there are a myriad of regulators of differing sizes and types.

So…Where do you begin to decide which is right for your system?

Often the choice is based upon exactly what the system needs. As this will closely correlate to the design type, size and performance of the chosen pressure regulator.

Questions to ask include:

  • Is the inlet pressure constant or is it being fed by a reducing pressure source such as a gas cylinder?
  • Is the flow constant through the system or could branches from a main header be switched on/ off to change flow demand on the regulator?

Or you can ask us. At Swagelok Manchester we are here to help.

Ask our technical experts or get your system solutions custom made. Take a look at our technical papers, videos or flow generators. Or attend one of our regulator lunch and learns or training courses to fully understand your options and design decisions.

Contact our team on 01925 822662 or email