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Introduction to Sample Systems

Introduction to Industrial Sample Systems

This seminar has been and gone, but to register your interest in our next technical seminar please e-mail

Swagelok Manchester had the unique opportunity to provide this seminar led by industry expert Tony Waters on Monday 24th September 2018.

With over 50 years' experience with sample systems and analysers, we think he's worth his weight in gold. PLUS this seminar was CPD accredited in principle!

The Seminar

The seminar reviewed the principles and practices of sampling system design for process analysers, with a high-energy presentation that rapidly progresses from simple principles to more complex calculations. Attendees examined the proper design of fluid transport and conditioning systems and provide examples of basic calculations.


Topics Covered

 The three most important goals Time delay calculations 
  • How to achieve compatibility
  • How to ensure timeliness
  • How to represent the process
  • Calculations for Liquid samples
  • Calculations for Gas Samples
  • Troubleshooting
 Phase separations Process sampling tap and probes
  • Filter theory and practice
  • Coalescer theory and practice
  • Phase separators
  • Tap location and orientation
  • Probe advantages and disadvantages
  • Probe calculations
 Sample line design  Phase change
  • Velocity in multiple line segments
  • Laminar or turbulent flow
  • Pressure drop calculations
  • Partial pressure
  • How to prevent condensation
  • How to vaporise a liquid sample
 Pressure and flow control  Sample switching system
  • Pressure control systems
  • Flow control systems
  • Typical design errors
  • Valve systems
  • Features and benefits
  • Modular systems

Who is Tony?

Tony Waters has over 50 years' of experience with process analysers and sampling systems. He is an author, has founded three companies and has worked in numerous engineering roles for an analyser manufacturer, end-user and a systems integrator. He is an ISA Analysis Division Fellow and holds a bachelor's degree in systems engineering from The Open University.

View his linked in profile to find out more...

Take a look at the feedback:

"Very informative, professional and independent, it was not a Swagelok pushing event".

"Really enjoyed how prepared the event was and material provided"

"Really impressed by the technical content"

"The whole course was useful"