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Certification and Compliance Seminar

Certification and Compliance Seminar

This seminar has been and gone, but to register your interest in our next technical seminar please e-mail

Our technical seminar on Certification and Compliance was hosted by Swagelok’s Compliance Specialist, Brett McGlone. Brett provided participants with a detailed overview of the different levels of certification available from Swagelok giving clarity over when certification above our standard Certificate of Conformity is required. 

Participants learnt about the stringent compliance and accreditation which Swagelok incorporates into its supply-chain and quality processes ensuring that all Swagelok components are fully traceable, with the necessary certification and warranty documentation to allow our customers to deliver quality and assurance to their customers!

This practical and interactive seminar was aimed at anyone involved in the design, specification and purchase of fluid system solutions. 

Brett also be offered a limited number of mini consultations where participants where able to talk through any certification questions or challenges they had.

Download the flyer here and learn more about Brett.

Learn what our attendees had to say about this seminar...

"The whole process was enlightening"

"Having the compliance process outlined to me in such great detail really showed me the lengths that Swagelok go to to certify their products as top quality items. I would say it has made me FAR more likely to purchase products from Swagelok."

"The  seminar was really very useful" 

"Please carry on with more of the same educational seminars"

"The organisation of the event was very professional but the feel was informal which I liked"