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Swagelok Manchester

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Seals Fundamentals Seminar

Seals Seminar

This seminar has been and gone, but to register your interest in our next technical seminar please e-mail

Do you know what the best seals are for your applications? Whether you need a little help deciding or you just want to keep your knowledge up to date, our Educational Seminar on Seal Fundamentals can help.

Following the success of the our Elastomer Selection and Polymer Seminar, Marcy McQuary came back to advise on seal selection, helping to ensure system safety whilst enhancing applications. Topics included basic fundamentals of seals, seal selection, seal failure analysis as well as issues that are commonly misunderstood.

Marcy McQuary

Marcy has a broad depth of knowledge regarding Swagelok products and processes, holding a Masters in Polymer Science degree from The University of Akron and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Youngstown State University. Having worked for Swagelok for over 20 years, Marcy is a subject matter expert on elastomer seals and a key resource for selecting and specifying seals in Swagelok products.

"All of the sections were very useful. It was a very well balanced course."

"An excellent course which was very well presented."

"I would like to thank you for the invite, you can never have too much information and these seminars from industry experts are very helpful."

"Overall I thought the speaker was very good and gave an interesting seminar. The hospitality was first class"