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Swagelok Manchester

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Training Reviews

Customer Comments

"Doing the practical exercises was a great way to learn, the whole course was delivered excellently. Great tutor. There is nothing more I would like to see added to the course it was all great. I learnt allot "

"The theory was well presented, easily understandable and very thorough. Our trainer Andy was an excellent instructor, patient and understanding. I felt very comfortable in asking questions and clarifying information. The information pack is brilliant, loads of information yet simple and concise. One of the best industry training sessions I have attended."

"The lectures on welding gave a good basis for the practical work"

"The Orbital Weld Course was mostly practical work which was very good and valuable"

"What I liked most about the Orbital Weld Training was having enough time to practice and become proficient in the skills";

"I found the instructors knowledge, advice and tips very useful."

"I found the most effective part of the course to be the practical part. Seeing and doing helps me to learn. There is allot of theory but it is all valid and needed to understand. The course was very informative."

"The dynamic and flexible course structure tailored to the particular interests of the attendants proved most interesting and will be of great benefit for both laboratory development and the design of future apparatus."

"The weld training exercises were very helpful

"I can not suggest any improvements to your welding course. The class schedule was very good and Trevor did a great job. "

"Every part of the course was fantastic, thank you"

"Good combination of theory and practice. Great teacher"

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