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Swagelok Manchester

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Sample System Maintenance Training

Swagelok's 2-day Sample System Maintenance Course helps delegates to sharpen their sample system skills and minimise errors.

About the course

Our 2-day Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance Training (SSM) teaches fundamental and advanced practices in analytical instrumentation operation and maintenance, empowering you to maintain your sampling system with minimal error and greater system integrity.

Here are a few examples of what you will learn:

  • Sample system performance 
  • Diagnosing and fixing time delay problems 
  • Sample conditioning techniques

  • Download the full course brochure.

    Who would benefit from attending?

    If your job is maintaining a sampling system, you may not have the time or resources to come up to speed on the system. Achieving the results you need depends on deepening your understanding of the system, as well as fine-tuning the system for optimum performance.

    With the knowledge you gained from this course you will be better positioned to eliminate mistakes in your sampling system. Swagelok Training prepares analytical instrumentation technicians and maintenance personnel to catch mistakes before they happen and recognise existing problems that may be present in existing sampling systems.

    Our trainers

    Dr. Stephen Jacobs - Owner and President of Jacobs Process Analytics, Inc.

    Dr. Stephen Jacobs, with over 25 years in the sampling systems industry, has designed, installed and maintained hundreds of analyser and sampling systems for applications ranging from safety monitoring to closed-loop process control. Dr. Jacobs contributes the application of complex design principles and the configuration and adaptation of many sampling system components to solve difficult problems. Dr. Jacobs received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Wesleyan University.

    Phil Harris - Industry Expert and Consultant

    In over 30 years of experience in industry and academia, Phil Harris has provided expert insight and analysis for a variety of applications. Mr. Harris is the author of many papers on analyser systems and routinely presents at industry conferences and technical seminars. With extensive experience in research, development and project management, Mr. Harris has supported many industries, including nuclear energy, oil refining, and alternative fuels. Mr. Harris earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Manitoba.

    Manny S. Alvarez - Engineer and Research Associate

    Manny Alvarez is an award-winning industry specialist who holds several patents in the analytical industry. Currently Education Chair of the ISA Analytical Division, Mr. Alvarez worked in engineering for The Exxon Corporation for nearly four decades prior to his retirement. Mr. Alvarez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Princeton University.

    For further information please email or call 01925 822662 option 3. Please note our Training terms and conditions apply.

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