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Hydrogen Technical Seminar

Date:  30th October 2019

Time:  9am -5pm

Location:  Sheffield

Swagelok® Manchester are delighted to be able to host an event that will support customers who are working towards meeting the challenges of the Hydrogen revolution.  On Wednesday 30th October Swagelok experts and scientists will be in Sheffield to deliver a series of Hydrogen related technical talks.

Topics Covered


Dr. Robert Bianco will discuss Material Science Considerations when working with Hydrogen

Learn more about materials—from micro-structural characteristics to mechanical

properties. Then put this knowledge to work as you select materials for your application.  



  • The principles of materials science, corrosion and other factors affecting material properties especially for service in hydrogen gas
  • Different types of corrosion and how specific alloys such as stainless steels resist degradation in various environments including hydrogen 
  • How to select optimal materials of construction for demanding applications based on pressure and temperature ratings, corrosive threats and compliance
  • Critical concepts covering the nature and behavior of materials, including an atom-level view of metals, as well as the microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of materials


Peter Williams will discuss what to consider when selecting Tube-Fittings for Hydrogen Applications

Because Hydrogen is such a small molecule and a highly combustible diatomic gas, selecting the correct system components on Hydrogen applications is critical to safety!


  •  Learn about the importance of selecting the right Tube Fitting for Hydrogen applications including the 3 key components of product reliability, Tube grip, Gas seal

    and Vibration protection

  • Highly reliable product performance is evidence based! Delegates will learn about the comprehensive collection of Swagelok Product Test Reports for Tube-Fittings (PTRs) and our ability to perform bespoke Customer Test Reports (CTR's).

  • Explore the pros and cons of using twin-ferrule, single ferrule or cone and threaded tube fittings for hydrogen applications

Dr. Thomas Huddle will provide share his experience on how to maintain sample integrity when sampling for Trace Analytes

The preservation of samples containing trace analytes is a serious challenge facing existing and emerging gas technologies. Sampling them correctly is even more challenging, be it for on-line or lab-based analysis. 


  • Learn about the major aspects of sampling and the mechanisms by which traditional sampling methods can affect the concentration of numerous critical trace analytes in newer applications such as biomethane processes, hydrogen for mobility, critical processing of low carbon energy gases and processing of shale gas.

  • Explore alternative innovative methods of sample extraction and collection to achieve truly representative samples that can be transported from the point of sampling to the analyser

Who should attend?

This one-day technical seminar is appropriate for Engineers, Managers, Designers, Supervisors, Buyers or Purchasing Agents involved in Hydrogen projects or the testing of Hydrogen.

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