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Swagelok Manchester

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Meet Our In-House and Global Training Team

Our team are there to ensure all our customers are highly trained. With in-house and industry experts on hand, we have the education solutions for you

Swagelok Manchester's In-House Trainers


Andy Marsh

Andy has over 36 years of instrumentation and process experience primarily within the Oil & Gas industry. Andy held senior engineering roles within the Oil & Gas industry before joining Swagelok Manchester in 1993. In his role at Swagelok Manchester Andy has supported customers across many sectors of industry including Oil and Gas, Power Petrochemical and General Process. Andy now focuses on leading the delivery of training and education to Swagelok Manchester customers. Andy is accredited by Swagelok to the highest level of Swagelok training. Andy conducts our ECITB small bore training, Swagelok Installation and Inspection Training as well as our Lunch and Learn Programme.


Paul Stevens B.Eng

Paul has over 26 years in industry working with technical and commercial system design as well as project engineering experience across all industries including Chemical, Environmental , Mineral , Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas and R&D. Paul has worked as an applications engineer for Swagelok Manchester for 10 years and now divides his time between supporting customers in the field and delivering Swagelok Manchester's range of training courses. Paul is a graduate of Biochemical Engineering from Swansea University. Paul is one of our trainers for ECITB small bore training, Swagelok Installation and Inspection Training.


Trevor Griffiths

Trevor is a Mechanical Engineer with nearly 30 years experience in the vacuum and compression pump manufacturing sector. Trevor has held a number of engineering roles, including Assembly Technician, Production Engineer, CAD System Design Engineer and Project Management. Trevor joined the Swagelok Manchester team in 2004 and is responsible for managing our Equipment Service Centre. Trevor is accredited to deliver our globally recognised Tube Fitting Installation and Inspection Courses as well as our ECITB Small Bore Tubing Course. Aside from our in-house courses, Trevor is one of four global trainers certified to conduct Swagelok's Orbital Welding Course.

Dr.Thomas Huddle

Dr. Thomas Huddle


Thomas completed his studies in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, focusing on automated continuous flow technologies and online analytical techniques. After completing his MSci and PhD, he continued research in continuous flow processes as part of the SHYMAN project (, a 4 year EU FP7 project which successfully scaled up bench flow technology to an industrial plant capable of producing over 1000 tonnes of nanomaterials per year.


Thomas worked with leading instrumentation and fluid engineering equipment suppliers and more recently Thomas has been using his in-depth knowledge of nano-scale technologies, ultra-high purity fluids and surface chemistry to bring disruptive change to how fluids can be sampled without loss or gain to trace analyte constitution.



Rachael Keighley

Rachel is our training co-ordinator.

Global Trainers

Tony Waters - Industry expert and consultant

Tony Waters brings over 45 years of experience with process analysers and sampling systems to his numerous training programs, which have been presented in many countries. Mr. Waters has also founded three companies, and has worked in engineering and marketing roles for an analyser manufacturer, end-user, and a systems integrator. Mr. Waters holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from The Open University, Milton Keynes, and has authored a technical reference book, Industrial Sampling Systems, which attendees receive with the course. The book is an indispensable resource for designing and maintaining sampling systems.

Dr. Stephen Jacobs - Owner and President of Jacobs Process Analytics, Inc.

Dr. Stephen Jacobs, with over 25 years in the sampling systems industry, has designed, installed and maintained hundreds of analyser and sampling systems for applications ranging from safety monitoring to closed-loop process control. Dr. Jacobs contributes the application of complex design principles and the configuration and adaptation of many sampling system components to solve difficult problems. Dr. Jacobs received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Wesleyan University.

Phil Harris - Industry Expert and Consultant

In over 30 years of experience in industry and academia, Phil Harris has provided expert insight and analysis for a variety of applications. Mr. Harris is the author of many papers on analyser systems and routinely presents at industry conferences and technical seminars. With extensive experience in research, development and project management, Mr. Harris has supported many industries, including nuclear energy, oil refining, and alternative fuels. Mr. Harris earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Robert Bianco - Senior Materials Scientist for Swagelok Company, Solon, Ohio

Robertjoined Swagelok in 2017 bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in multi-disciplinary groups of scientists, engineers and technicians.  Robert championed new technology developments which led to incremental, distinctive, and breakthrough innovation for stakeholders. He has authored 13 refereed journal articles, 50+ internal technical reports for employers, part of 16 US patents issued and filed 40 invention records and conducted over 50 presentations.  He is currently a Board Member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University and the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology at Kent State University.

Peter C. Williams - Chief Scientist for Swagelok Company in Solon, Ohio. 

Peter works both vertically and across the Swagelok organisation, he promotes, pioneers, and influences critical new products, materials, and process technologies.  Peter helped drive the innovation of low temperature case carburisation of 316 stainless steel – a process called SAT12 – and the innovation of the commercially successful Swagelok tube fitting with advanced geometry ferrules using the new SAT12 case hardening

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