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Customer Charter

Customer Charter

2019 Customer CharterEstablished in January 2010, the Charter is designed as a living document to benchmark and measure the success of our company, in particular providing transparency in the level of service that we promise customers and as a means to hold ourselves accountable. As well as being an integral part of our approach to continuous improvement, our Charter acts as a catalyst for active engagement with our associates and suppliers, who are an integral part of creating, sustaining and improving our customer experience.

The service promises contained within the Charter stem from listening to our customers and identifying their key drivers of satisfaction. In a world where the pace of change often appears relentless and having consistently met our promises in full, it is inevitable that our customer's drivers of satisfaction may alter over time. To that end, our updated Charter and promises was launched in 2015.

We are currently reviewing our service levels and charter promises with the aim of designing an even better experience for our customers. We look forward to sharing details of our latest report in early Q2 2021.

Reporting on our promises

On an annual basis we publish a report on our progress against the promises outlined within our Customer Charter. This honest and open report highlights our performance and provides insight to those areas where customers tell us we need to work harder.

We conduct quarterly customer satisfaction surveys as a way of gaining customer feedback with the aim of continually evolving and improving our service offering.

If you would like to take part in our next customer satisfaction survey please email