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Training and Education

Are You Prepared for the
Engineering Skills Gap?

As the baby boom generation (those currently aged between 51 and 69) nears retirement age, the engineering sector is challenged with a fundamental concern; attracting, retaining and engaging skilled engineers and technicians. The potential loss of legacy knowledge, skills and expertise, is quickly becoming a major threat to the UK economy and many engineering organisations. Overlay this with a shortage of young people enrolling on engineering, mathematical and scientific subjects, the problem is compounded, signalling turbulent times ahead if ignored.

The Benefits of Swagelok Training

Training helps employees acquire new skills and knowledge to perform their job better, thus increasing job satisfaction. It is also widely appreciated as a benefit and can increase employee loyalty and retention. In a recent Swagelok Manchester customer survey it was encouraging to learn that 84% of respondents reported that training is considered a high priority for their organisation. The most frequent employee and business benefits cited were safety, productivity, staff retention and motivation.

An IBM C-suite Study with 4,183 leaders in 70 countries and 20 industries found that the organisations they classed as ‘leading’ provided employees with continuous “refresher training” which contributed to helping create a culture that fosters continuous learning and leads to better and faster business results.