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Swagelok Manchester

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Orbital Welding ASME IX Training

The complex skills needed to consistently achieve good orbital welds should not be under-estimated.

Swagelok Orbital Welding System

Accredited by ASME IX

What's involved

The five day course with ASME IX accreditation provides hands-on and theoretical training; 
teaching cutting-edge techniques that can be applied to any automatic gas tungsten arc welding system. 

Topics covered include:

- Troubleshooting and preventative maintenance procedure
Basic metallurgy, industry standards and specifications 
Selection, use, care and techniques needed to produce quality orbital welds 
Practical application of orbital weld procedures
And more!

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for any delegate with a vested interest in achieving good quality orbital welds, including design engineers and supervisors involved in and new to orbital weld systems, as well as weld operators looking to enhance their skills.

Our Trainer

Our instructor Trevor Griffiths is one of only four global Swagelok certified Orbital Weld trainers.


Available Courses

Contact our training team for dates. 

Some of our latest reviews

“I can not suggest any improvements to your welding course. The class schedule was very good and Trevor did a great job."

“What I liked most about the Orbital Weld Training was having enough time to practice and become proficient in the skills”

“The lectures on welding gave a good basis for the practical work”

“The Orbital Weld Course was mostly practical work which was very good and valuable”